This Story Comes from "Masky" in marble hornets.My name is carl i live at a hill , i am 8 years old,since i was 5 i love creepypasta and marble hornets ,everytime at night dad placed a security camera on my bedroom so no people can enter,one night a stange knock comes from the front door i woke then , BANG! the door to the house was open then i heard a voice saying"MAN WHO FIXES THINGS HERE" i was about to be scared then he opened the door saying" Happy Birthday!" that was just my dad!, Carl's Dad said " you dont close the windows, it will make you think that it is nightime" i went to the birthday party then a ton of friendly Creepypasta Charaters Including Maky? i ran to my dad's back and said "MASKY!" so i wave infront of masky saying"Hey, Masky" he waved at me and took of his mask showing the face, the face behind that mask is tim form marble hornets, i was shocked then that was the best party ever, i will never forget that ever.