Jimmy was up late at night, reading a chapter book. A garbage truck pulled in. Jimmy asked John, more known as his father, what the garbage man was doing. John explained. "A garbage man takes our trash. He goes to a factory and uses trash and makes stuff out of it. Johnny, Jimmy's brother, was taken to a insanity hospital, for Johnny was insane. Johnny took Jimmy with him.John was sad from Jimmy's disappearance. Jane, Johnny and Jimmy's mother and John's wife,Told Johm it was ok. Jimmy ( In the Insanity Hospital. ) became crazy. He stitched his mouth closed.

Jimmy was soon set free from the Insanity Hospital, and given mental drugs. Jimmy had started KILLING people. Jimmy had no reason, he was just INSANE. He decided to team up with Johnny. Johnny was dead, from a heart attack. So Jimmy started killing people, He teamed up with a former known-as garbage-man.The garbage-man's true identity was Johnny Cleaverson. But Jimmy didn't know it. Jimmy's last name was Cleaverson. Jimmy Cleaverson and Johnny Cleaverson were killers, murderers nonetheless.